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    Synergy of three natural substances – A combination of selenium, curcumin and resveratrol.

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    Synergy of three natural substances – A combination of selenium, curcumin and resveratrol.  


    Selenium is an essential micronutrient for humans. Selenium is obtained from food, mainly from grains, meat, fish and cheese. Finnish soil is poor in selenium, which is why selenium has been added to fertilizers and livestock feed since 1985. Selenium protects cells from oxidative stress. Selenium also promotes the well-being of hair and nails.


    • promotes normal immune system function
    • promotes the well-being of hair and nails
    • is important for normal thyroid function
    • promotes normal sperm formation
    • protects cells from oxidative stress

    Curcumin is obtained from the dried root of a spice plant called turmeric.

    The following health claims concerning curcumin are awaiting the European Commission’s approval:

    • Promotes normal immune system function and the protection of cells from oxidative stress  
    • Helps maintain joint flexibility
    • Promotes joint health
    • Helps support normal liver function
    • Promotes and supports digestion

    Resveratrol is a phenolic compound found especially in red grapes.

    Selenium – curcumin – resveratrol preparation

    Nutritional supplement 60 tablets / 30 g

    Recommended daily dose:
    1 tablet 2 times a day.

    The recommended daily dose of 2 tablets per day contains:
    Curcumin 400 mgResveratrol 100 mgSelenium 100 µg (181% of the daily intake reference value)

    Tumeric extract (non-EU), filler (microcrystalline cellulose), resveratrol preparation (Polygonum cuspidatum) [non – EU]), surface treatment agent (magnesium stearate, magnesium salts of fatty acids), sodium selenite (EU).

    Manufactured in Finland.

    The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Nutritional supplement does not substitute a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

    Biomed Oy, Sirrikuja 4 D, 00940 Helsinki

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