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    Remiksi 1200 g



    In addition to carbohydrates and protein, Remiksi contains creatine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, pistil pollen extract, which is a source of SOD enzyme.

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    In addition to carbohydrates and protein, Remiksi contains creatine, magnesium, zinc and selenium, and pistil pollen extract, which is a source of SOD enzyme. Remiksi’s protein is high quality lactoprotein isolate.

    A versatile source of building blocks for a stressed body*.  It is also well suited for athletes as a recovery drink as it helps the body to initiate effective recovery immediately after exercise. *

    • *Magnesium helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion and promotes normal muscle function.
    • *Selenium and zinc promote normal immune system function. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Protein helps keep bones normal.

    Fresh lemon-flavoured maltodextrin – protein – mineral powder

    1200 g / 24 doses (50 g)

    Contains sugar and sweetener.
    Contains creatine, magnesium, zinc and selenium in addition to carbohydrates and protein.

    Mix 50 g (1 dl) of powder with 5 dl of cold water. Use ½ – 1 dose per day. Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 day.

    Nutritional content 100 g of powder                                                                             
    Energy 1428 kJ / 341 kcalFat 0.7 gof which saturated 0.5 gCarbohydrates 53 gof which sugars 4.4 gDietary fibre 0 gProtein 28 gSalt 0.5 gMagnesium 700 mg (187%*)Zinc 30 mg (300%*)Selenium 100 µg (182%*)Maltodextrin 47 gLactose** 0.3 gCreatine 1.6 gPistil pollen extract 916 mg  

    Nutritional content 1 serving (545 ml) of ready drink
    Energy 714 kJ / 170 kcalFat 0.4 gof which saturated 0.3 gCarbohydrates 27 gof which sugars 2.2 gDietary fibre 0 gProtein 14 gSalt 0.3 gMagnesium 350 mg (93 %*)Zinc 15 mg (150 %*)Selenium 50 µg (91 %*)Maltodextrin 23.5 gLactose** 0.2 gCreatine 0.8 gPistil pollen extract 458 mg 

    Nutritional content 1 serving (100 ml) of ready drink
    Energy 131 kJ / 31 kcalFat 0.1 gof which saturated 0.1 gCarbohydrates 5.0 gof which sugars 0.4 gDietary fibre 0 gProtein 2.6 gSalt 0.05 gMagnesium 64.2 mg (17 %*)Zinc 2.8 mg (28 %*)Selenium 9.2 µg (17 %*)Maltodextrin 4.2 gLactose** <0.1 gCreatine 0.15 gPistil pollen extract 84 mg  

    * of the daily intake reference value of vitamins and minerals.
    ** Low-lactose.
    The salt content is exclusively due to naturally occurring sodium.

    Maize maltodextrin (47% France), lactoprotein isolate (of milk, Sweden), minerals (magnesium, zinc, selenium), lemon juice powder, creatine pyruvate, acidity regulator (citric acid), pistil pollen extract 0.9%, lemon aroma, fructose, sweetener (steviol glycosides), colour (beta-carotene), emulsifier (soy lecithin).

    The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Nutritional supplement does not substitute a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a dry place at room temperature below 25oC. Do not expose to heat and direct sunlight.

    Manufactured in Finland.

    Information for pollen allergy sufferers
    Pistil pollen extract has been tested for allergies by the RAST method and does not normally cause reactions to pollen allergy sufferers. Allergenic ingredients are enzymatically degraded. 

    Biomed Oy, Sirrikuja 4 D, 00940 Helsinki

    EAN: 6417152054050
    Product number: 1979525


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