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    Elias Jaakkola

    [email protected]
    +35844 338 4084
    Cooperation proposals and partnerships

    Joni Laiho

    Director of Nutritional Products
    [email protected]
    +35845 1111 400

    Birgit Stenroos

    Sales Manager
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    +358400 97 6420
    Retailer Orders and Product Questions

    Juho Tunkelo

    [email protected]
    +35845 153 9460

    Emilia Tuominen

    Executive Assistant
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    +35840 515 7867
    Online shop orders, Health Summit

    Tomi Savolainen

    [email protected]
    +358 40 0414009

    Vesa Liikanen

    [email protected]
    +3589 3424 6334
    Financial office

    Juha Huuskola

    +35840 041 3105
    [email protected]
    Production and dispatch, frozen products orders

    Jaakko Bunda

    +3589 342 46340
    [email protected]
    Production and dispatch

    Anne Barck

    Social Media Producer
    [email protected]

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